Practicing Mindfulness Decreases Negativity

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Mindfulness: Observing Thoughts and Recognizing Emotion By Lori English

The practice of mindfulness is observing your thoughts, feelings and your surrounding areas. Being aware of your specific feelings and not making a judgment is how the process of being mindful is established and assists people in regulation of emotion.

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is described as being attentive to a particular feeling, body sensation, and be aware of our surroundings.  Jon Kabat Zinn, a medical doctor  started  practicing mindfulness in 1979, at his clinic in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Zinn describes the practice of mindfulness by being aware of your feelings ,thinking, and awareness of  surrounding areas. Using mindfulness daily in your environment you will start to notice small changes such as driving in the car, looking at nature, and recognizing. 

Let me explain further how observing  feelings without judgement means and why it is used in the practice of mindfulness. Observing a thought from a distance means recognizing it but not putting a label on it or a feeling such I am angry, I am sad, or that makes me depressed. 

 If you were in a serious car accident that happened ten years ago, and yo past by a wreck today . Using the practice of mindfulness can help you not to react to the accident that you see in the present. By being mindful you can feel sad , but your body and mind are not going through the emotions when you 


Benefits of Mindfulness  

Practicing mindfulness daily is helpful in managing stress and anxiety. Several studies have found that practicing mindfulness can reduce negative emotions and increase positive emotions. 

Dr. Hodge is a psychiatrist at the center for Anxiety and Trauma , and associate professor at Harvard Medical School says that you can teach yourself mindful skills. ” People with anxiety have trouble distinguishing between dealing with distracting thoughts and having too much power.


Working On Mindfulness

Using mindfulness based studies are called MSBR which is Mindfulness Stress Reduction, which is used for people to practice twice a week and also do at home.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy is used along with mediation can help to decrease anxiety and help others realize their thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is now part of some of the curriculum in the mental health field and is used in clinics, hospitals, and day programs. 


Understanding your Emotions

Your emotions can  intense at times, but by practicing breathing techniques and mindfulness your body and mind will start to change the biochemistry. 

 Focus on a point in front of you and breath in once and exhale slowly and the anxiety will start to decrease.

If your emotions are intense you are angry, sad, and feel moody mindfulness can help to stabilize your thinking which can decrease negative feelings and moods.

It means that the way you are thinking may be distorted or not realistic, and this type of therapy is performed with a therapist that specializes in this field.

In The Flow 

When someone is engulfed in their passion or they are focused on a specific goal they are said to be in the Flow. In the flow of mindfulness is when you practice daily and it becomes a habit. By being mindful you are 

The practice of mindfulness is considered a way to help many different populations of people that include schools. Mindfulness is used in schools and it benefits many children to help their focus when they are in school. There are many schools that teach children the difference and it is working well with young students as well.

Future Of Mental Health

According to the the Mental Health Association an estimated 16 million Americans have at  least one depressive episode in their lifetime. Women are are more likely to have depression than men over 70 percent compared to men 30 percent. 

In the future Mental Health Treatment is targeted towards assisting others by teaching coping skills and strategies that collaborated with mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is a great practice to learn and is well received in all facilities as schools, mental health clinics, and hospitals. The training for mindfulness shows that statistically has helped many and continues to increase in numbers. 

Mindfulness along with other treatments such as Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, and most treatments can be added . The practice of mindfulness is showing a lot of promise and increasing daily. 

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