Meditation Calms Anxiety and Increases Focus.

Meditation Decreases Anxiety and  by Lori English Meditation is used today in different places and used to decrease anxiety and establish an overall feeling of well being. Practicing meditation daily can decrease anxiety symptoms and increase focus. Practicing  meditation in hospitals, schools, and mental health facilities has increased to all time high.    What is […]

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Changing Bad Habits Increases Positivity

 Changing Bad Habits Increases Positivity  By Lori English We all have habits but some of us are aware of them and feel that we cannot change them. Bad habits affect our lives and the way we feel about ourselves as a whole, but new ways of changing them permanently gives us hope for the future. […]

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How To Overcome Disappointment and Become Resilient

How Can Disappointment Encourage Resilience? By Lori English  Emotions and being disappointed is part of everyday life, we all have been disappointed.  In everyday life we face challenges and sometimes we can become disappointed.   If you are alive and breathing you must of had at least one disappointment in your lifetime. It can make […]

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