How to Break Through Your Inner Voice And Heal.

Critical Voice Can make you feel anxious and can Feeling Emotionally Secure By Healing Inner Critic By Lori English  I can’t do this. It’s too difficult. Does this sound familiar to you? The inner critic is sending you negative messages which influence your decisions, an example . ” Your Not Keeping Up!” or ” Your Not […]

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How Forgiveness Heals You Inside and Out.

The Process of Forgiveness Heals Internally and Externally   By:  Lori English Forgiveness is usually linked with letting go of hurt feelings when someone has betrayed your trust or physically hurt you. The process of forgiving another person is worth the effort.  If someone that you cared about has betrayed your trust forgiving them is usually […]

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Gratitude Changes Perspective and Changes Life

How Gratitude Changes Your Life  By Lori English  Gratitude is a French word meaning gratis which means ” Pleasing” or “Thankful”, if you are in a state of feeling grateful you are not always yearning and wanting.  Completely feeling a sense of appreciation and showing that gratitude can increase your feelings of appreciation, happiness, and […]

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