Meditation Calms Anxiety and Increases Focus.

Meditation Decreases Anxiety and  by Lori English

Meditation is used today in different places and used to decrease anxiety and establish an overall feeling of well being. Practicing meditation daily can decrease anxiety symptoms and increase focus. Practicing  meditation in hospitals, schools, and mental health facilities has increased to all time high.  

 What is Meditation?

Meditation is a combination of sitting in a position that enhances a state of quiet and breathing that allows you to become quieter.

Don’t make effort to control breathing just be aware of your breath.

The intention of motivation practice is to become insightful about our body and if you practice on a daily basis it can improve your focus, anxiety, and a sense of peace. 

If you feel that there are 

What do we Know about Meditation?

As research has increased in the last decade practicing meditation is used in many clinical areas such as mental illness, and it meditation practice are developed and practiced in many facilities. 

 According to the National Health Survey, “8.O of US Adults which is 18 million adults.” practice mediation 

In a  NICHH-funded study, 36 trials reported a better outcome for people who suffer from anxiety disorder. 


Anxiety and Mediation

 Checking into your emotions and scanning your body for pain or reactions is part of mindfulness meditation. Look at areas that can be problematic to hold stress such as your neck, back and around the head.


Many individuals who suffer from anxiety disorder have racing thoughts and are worrying about past. practicing Mediation can slow down thoughts and increase a dense of peace throughout the body. 

Slowing down thought process of an anxiety  can help to focus, relax, and think before reacting to a decision emotionally.

 If you are anxious your body-mind is used to this Fight Or flight” which is making the nervous system perform at higher rates. The more thoughts you have that are disturbing your peace you become anxious. 

Meditation And Brain

When we think of the brain during meditation we think of anxiety, mind racing, and insomnia. A study done by the the University of California, Los Angeles, 1991, a group of neurosciences discovered the pre-Botzinger complex, an area that contains neurons that fired rhythmically  in time with each breath.

According to neurologist co-author , Mark Kransnow, a biology professor expresses are many rhythms such as a yawn are a sign are associated with social and emotional signals. In this pre-Botzinger can control different breath patterns and researchers tested this breath patterns and when they were stimulated the (mouse) was just breathing not contingently sighing or yawning.

The purpose of this study is showing that meditation is congruent with breathing. If you are able to slow down breathing other symptomatic issues such as anxiety can be managed.


Meditation and Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is the a cognitive state where you are reacting to a real threat or a perceived threat. Mindfulness Meditation has been found to work with regulating anxiety and decreasing emotional response.

Results of a NCCIH-funded trial that included 75 women that practices mindful meditation for 8 weeks were able to improve their symptoms of anxiety. 

Working with clients who have anxiety disorders mindfulness and meditation can decrease symptoms of anxiety by slowing down the thought process, decreasing rumination, and increasing focus. 

Anxiety and depression can be used in conjunction with mindfulness practice.  The former practice of breath-focused, body scan to the natural environment, walking meditation, and shifting attention. 


Future of Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness increased over the years and there’s is so much hope for using conventional practices along with specific mental health practices. The practice of meditation has increased along with neuropsychology which helps to establish credibility with practice of meditation.

The value of meditation is used in hospitals, schools, and mental health facilities. The practice of meditating is so valuable for people who have anxiety to anybody that wants to increase there sense of peace and well being. 



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I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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