Introverted Personality and Communicating Effectively

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Introverts are Awesome

  Introverts : How  You Communicate Effectively?  By Lori English

 Are you the person who is usually quiet in the group of friends that likes to spend time alone and would rather stay home and read on Friday night than go out to a big party and socialize? You would rather read a book and watch a good movie then go to  a big party . You may be an introvert personality.


A introverted personality is describes in many ways and has a sense of five dimensions according to a article written by the " Quiet Revolution". Susan Cain states that there are five dimensions of personality of an introvert. 

  1. Conscientiousness: Industrious, orderliness, dependability.
  2. Agreeableness: politeness, compassion, kindness
  3. Neuocritiscism-anxiety, moodiness, irritability
  4. Openness to experience-curiosity, imitativeness,insightfulness
  5. Extraversion: boldness, talkativeness,outgoing


Introverted Personality

Carl Jung,  a Swiss Psychiatrist who studied personality theories and performed research on introverted and extroverted personality. He developed theories and tested out his research and devolved the Myers's Briggs test with Isabel Meyer's Brigg. 

If you are curious about whether you fall into the spectrum of  introverted extroverted the Myers Briggs,  is a specialized personality test that was created by Carl Young. The Meyer's Brig test is used in many teaching facilities and Universities to help other's choose the correct career that will suit their strong asset's.

If you are someone that does not like to work with people a lot and doesn't have a lot of empathy then getting into social work, mental health, or  customer service is not going to be a good fit for you.

The intentions of the Myers Briggs's Test is to recognize psychological types is to help distinguish tips on how to categorize what type of personality you are be helpful for your success.

This test is usually given in an university environment or a psychological environment and certification is required. It is used for many purposes such as job placement, career advice, and in mental health settings.

Science of Introvert Compared to Extrovert

Research about the differences in the brain of introvert's you might identify with one side or the other. The brain an introvert is compared to it's opposite extrovert and discussed in many context's but many of the results are different because of the environment someone was raised in. 

The brain of an introverts isn't really smarter than extroverts but they are different. The difference is in the Dopamine level in the brain that is higher in the introvert. 

Is this a myth or a true statement?In the research that was done many introverts and their personalities are made up of different people whose life circumstances could have affected their personality.

Susan Cain And Introverts

In 2012, A woman by the name of Susan Cain spoke for introverts and wrote a best selling book called " Quiet", which emphasizes introverted personality and describes how she was able to attend  Harvard University as an introvert .

A Harvard Graduate, Yogi, a calm speaking voice spoke at 2012 Ted talk that went viral and 11.6 million views online. The talk was the beginning of her big milestone of research that helped many businesses that she helps with their employees. 

Cain and Paul Scibetta, a former senior executive of J.P. Morgan Chase setting up a buissness they call "Quiet Leadership", Which can better understand the strengths of their employees. The business is located in quiet Victorian House on the lake In New York where she teaches executive's how to run their businesses better with tips for the different types of people that work. She includes tip's that are open desk space for better performance. 



Research with Communication

Having an introverted personality is not saying that you want to be alone all the time, but it is speculating that you want much more alone time than an extroverted person. For an introverted personality they can recharge by being alone instead of having someone there or constantly going out in big groups.

Communication with anyone is two- sided and should be discussed ,but knowing and understanding an introvert and their needs for quit time and space is important to the overall relationship. 

What Makes An Introvert Differnt than Extrovert? 

It's really a distinction between the time that an introvert needs to be alone to process their emotions. You ask what does that mean? It refers to if you have a conversation with a friend and she is looking for advice or for you to respond. What are the steps yo take to answer her?



Relationships With Introverts

If you are in a relationship with an introvert here are few good tips:

1.Introverts like their space and be alone more than the average person.

2. Communicate effectively and ask them be clear on what you are saying.

3. If they ask for space and you don't want it make sure you give them what they need also.

4. Learn to respect each other's differences in any relationship is crucial.

5. Take time each week and plan for together, date night.




Introvert's and Extrovert's have their Unique Strengths

If you think that you cannot understand an introvert and " They are different". in my experience and this research I think it would be a boring life is there were only extroverts in the world. The differences in Introverts make them eho they are and that is great. In your career, relationships, and relationships with friends is crucial to know what type of person you are talking to so you both can communicate effectively.

In the differences learning to understand the differences can help all of us communicate and be able to work with, learn from and not judge. We are all different in one way or another, but that what makes us special. In using your best judgement and learning we are all a little introverted and extroverted , but some of us fall in between or to the left.






I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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