Stress Management: How to Manage Effectively

  How To Manage Stress Effectively     By Lori English

The term stress management is a different way of approaching the stress you may have. Stress management sounds so formal to me, but it can really help you when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, or about to snap. 

What Is Stress?

Stress was coined y an endocrinologist named Hans Selye who discovered in 1955, the connection between stress and disease. 

According to Seyles , stress is any stimulus whether good or bad that reacts to the body. His research is forever used in medicine, psychology, and neuroscience. 

He wrote a book called ” The Dream Of Life” , which explains how stress can affect the body which he called non specific disease. In this article he is referring to ” Stress” and how it affects the body by going into fight or flight syndrome. 

Selye, H. (Oct 7, 1955). “Stress and disease”Science122: 625–631. doi:10.1126/science.122.3171.625

Research from the “National Institute of Mental Health ,” reports  most people at work are under stress because of a heavy workload.

 If stress is high in the workplace it  can lead to health problems which then can trickle down to being absent. If a person is stressed the body is usually taking a beating for the stress or the mind.  Studies show that long term stress can cause damage to  the body if not addressed. 


Stress Management 

There are many tips for stress management that can work quickly and some you may need to do as a daily routine.

Understand how you stress- What triggers you ? Write a list of what triggers you and then on the other side write a solution to the trigger.
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Recognize your own unhealthy behaviors do you eat, smoke, or drink when you are stressed these are just a few of the unhealthy things that we do when we are stressed out.

Learn to have a plan weekly to reduce stress, because it will help to be organized. The management of stress decreases when you have you days planned. 


Types of Stress

If you are trying to reduce the stress in your life it is important to know that there are two types of stress that you are dealing with. First, there is stress that comes from the way you think and perceive the world. If you are pessimistic and always thinking the bad is going to happen, then this will literally take a physical toll on your body. 

The Internal Stresses are usually self induced by worrying or being a perfectionist. In this type ,of stress you are always thinking that you have to explain something to someone , when in fact you don’t. If you are hard on yourself by saying. I have to be perfect and I have to get it all done right it causes a lot of stress on the mind and body.

The External stress is you are running late for an appointment at the dentist and there is a roadblock. You have no control over this situation, but stress is still boiling up.  It’s important to keep these in perspective and say to yourself I want to be on time, but I cannot control this issue.

Another huge external stressor is relationship problems and I mean with significant other, friends, family, or colleagues. When your life is not in a homeostatic position the mond and the body are ready for ” Flight Or Freeze” which means they are not settled or calm. The body is always readjusting to stress and this is why it’s so important to have coping skills to decrease the stress

Stress Management Tips

What is a Trigger? 

A trigger is a response that you personally have when someone or something that is done that affects you negatively. Here’s an example below. 

Your child comes home from school and drops her book bag on the floor, throws off her shoes, and you are annoyed because you cleaned the house all day. What is the trigger here that can get you feeling stressed and unappreciated?

Trigger=No respect the child just throws the book back down and doesn’t respect the property.

I know you just came home from school and you’re excited but teaching your child the correct way of coming home and putting his/her school gear away is important later on in life. Parents teach and children listen, and there needs to be comsistensity in parenting, or a child will push. 

Tips to Decrease Household Stress

Your space and environment if you allow others to take advantage or you are not assertive in what you want. Being clear and specific is the way to decrease stress because your needs are being heard and you are communicating with the other person effectively.

Change One Habit at a Time

By changing one habit at a time you are able to focus better and you are likely to experience success . You and your family can get together for a meeting and talk about this and encourage each other. If you continue to struggle with unhealthy behaviors a therapist or a trained psychologist can help.

Although there is a lot of external stresses we have limited control over, thinking and obsessing about them is not going to help you or alleviate the anxiety. 

Stress is inevitable , however there are many ways to conquer it and one of the best I say to my clients is laugh a little and take time to not be so serious. There is always a time to be serious but life is for living and loving not feeling stressed out all the time.



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