How Forgiveness Heals You Inside and Out.

” Reach Technique for Forgiveness”

The Process of Forgiveness Heals Internally and Externally   By:  Lori English

Forgiveness is usually linked with letting go of hurt feelings when someone has betrayed your trust or physically hurt you. The process of forgiving another person is worth the effort. 

If someone that you cared about has betrayed your trust forgiving them is usually the last thought in your mind, however, the process of forgiveness can save your life and you can heal you. 

What is Forgiveness

The decision to forgive someone who hurt you can serve heal you in ways you never thought of.  The Reach Technique is described is used to understand the process the beginning of healing and forgiveness. 

1. Recall The Hurt.

2.Empathize with hurt that was caused and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

3. Altruistic thinking. Bless the other person that hurt you with a kind thought.

4.Commit to the Forgiveness Process.

5. Hold Onto Forgiveness. Don’t forget the reasons you wanted to forgive someone in the first place. 

According to Dr. Everett Worthington,  leading expert on forgiveness and over a decade of research and findings he used to help recognize that forgiveness his work is endless. 

Everett Worthington/Forgivenessades_Everett_Worthington_leading_expert_on_forgiveness

Taking the steps slowly and recognizing your pain you is part of the journey that you are striving for and deserve. This process is for you to heal and let go of painful emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger.

Benefits of Forgiveness

Everyone has a set of values which makes them unique and  if another person crosses over a boundary it can feel uncomfortable to you and that can cause anger, resentment, or depression. 

 Forgiving someone that has caused you severe harm or betrayed you is not easy, but is recommended because holding on to the negative feelings and emotions can cause physical and mental problems.

In a study that was performed in “Forgiveness and Your Health _ Psychology Today,” spoke about how many people that volunteer that forgiving someone is a lot more than saying I am sorry . The process of forgiveness is deep and takes time and effort to sort out the 

Power of Forgiveness

The benefits of forgiveness is not an easy task when you that hurt you takes a lot of work, however, when that work is over most people say ” I feel so Much Better now.” I can breath Again and believe it’s worth it. Having the strength to work through the pain and get to the other side of a trauma or tragedy is worth it.

 1. Practice being in the moment and consciously allowing yourself to feel is important for true forgiveness and healing to take place. 

 2. Place your hand over your heart and feel the beating of your heart it allows you to be in the moment .Many people that have been through a trauma can be numb. 

3. Surround yourself with people that are positive and are compassionate toward you.

4. Journaling is very helpful with becoming in touch with your feelings .

5. Think of a time when you were forgiven for something you done. This can help you when it comes to forgiving another person. 

There are many benefits to forgivness and its hows in the way you feel.  Do you remeber a time when you were angry at a friend and then ten minutes later you both are talking and laughing. Forgiving someone and letting go is felt in the body and the mind by releasing hormones. Hugging somone can set off healthy emotions which you know if you a feeling sad and someone puts their arm around you.

Health and Forgiveness

” Forgiveness”

Health and forgiveness is congruent together if you are feeling angry, sad, or depressed your body is feeling the affects such as anxiety rapid heartbeat or higher blood pressure. If you continue to live in a stressed mode such as fight -flight studies show that you can cause significant issues.

According to a study published in the journal Cognitive Development  shows that a 15 month old baby can sense when a parent is angry and can feel the emotions that the parent is sending out.

Holding on to negative emotions such as anger and resentment is dangerous for others as a newborn baby can sense these emotions. If yiu continue to hold on to negatice emotions such as anger, rage, and agression over a long period of time your body can be affected. 

Health and aggression can affect your heart according to a study that was performed with a study and describes how cortisol level are increased when your negative emotions arise. The body is aware of what your feeling and is made to react to a stressor or perceived threat in the same way. 

If you are in a constant hyper alert mode your body is aware and over time a condition called adrenal insufficiency which is a constant out put of hormones and the symptoms are fatigue, tiredness, and all around malice. 

Forgiveness and emotions that is sends out to your body is imperative because if you send too many negative stressors over time your body has to work harder to maintain homeostasis. Maintaining balance is part of being healthy and allowing your body to catch up with the emotions you are feeling. 

Forgiveness And How It Affects Your Health Article written By Lori English. 

  What Forgiveness is  Not

  1. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are accepting this behavior or you ever will let it in your life again.
  2. Forgiving  doesn’t mean that you won’t have feelings of this come up.
  3. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you should forget what happened to you or what hurt you, but letting that person or the hurtful event take over your life is not fair to you.
  4. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to include this person in your life if you don’t want to.


Managing Stress 

Research performed by psychiatrist, Karen Schwartz, M.D. program director at John Hopkins Medical Center For Mood disorders discusses how forgiving someone is beneficial for your mental health and physical health.

If you think of someone who you are angry at with your body will respond in a way that will spill out hormones such as cortisol that can raise blood pressure and speed up the heart. 

The stress that you feel is unconscience when you have a bad argument with a friend and they are not willing to talk for a month your mind -body connection is aware you are sad or hurt. If you start to let out your emotions you can tell that someone who wants to make up with another will start to calm down and talk a little slower. 

Life is too short for petty arguments , but sometimes our emotions get in the way of truly holding back something we could of said a little kinder or gentelier. We all have days that we feel tired, or just feel blah. The trick in this is to know and acknowledge it for yourself. 

Healing Yourself 

Healing is a process that takes commitment and time to process your emotions. Staying in the moment can help you to focus on what is important for you and your life going forward. 

Learning to forgive someone is difficult, but when you take time out in the day and breath slowly and take it easy on yourself.

You are worth it and believing in yourself and taking responsibility in your healing process gives you the inner strength you need to forward. 

Healing yourself and taking the time you need to process your emotions is important to your mental health as well as your physical health.  The benefits of letting go of hurt are beneficial for you to live a peaceful, happy, and healthy life. 









I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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