How to Break Through Your Inner Voice And Heal.

Critical Voice Can make you feel anxious and can

Feeling Emotionally Secure By Healing Inner Critic By Lori English

 I can't do this. It's too difficult.

Does this sound familiar to you?

The inner critic is sending you negative messages which influence your decisions, an example . " Your Not Keeping Up!" or " Your Not Good Enough".

Inner critic's voice tries to confuse you and can make you feel unworthy and doubt yourself, however, their are concrete ways you can befriend your inner voice.


Where Does Your Inner Critic Come From?


2 Friends.

3. Past mistakes.

4. Embarrassing Moments.

What Can You Do? 

You can take steps to learn about your inner critic. The steps can be taken slowly to ensure  you benefit . Taking smaller steps can help you to not feel so overwhelmed in the process. 


People are usually not sure they are hearing their inner voice. Try to notice the results and when it happens. Knowing when the voice comes in is very important because you can makes changes and find your own voice.


 Think about what the voice is trying to say to you. If you hear the voice saying " I am no good or no fun, challenge the voice. Ask yourself is this true?

Learning to think about the voice and what it sounds like is important because you will be able to remember if was from your parent. 

Almost everyone that I worked with would  say, "My mother says that." , or my father says that, this is saying that most of your thoughts and opinions are still from your parents unless you say but I feel like etc... Finding your voice is critical to your life and making decisions that will inspire you.

Example of Inner Critic/ Your Inner Voice

Inner Critic's Voice-  You can't do this, You're Not smart enough.

Your inner voice say's:  I am good enough. Make the connections and write down specific times in your life when you felt like you were a good friend, girlfriend, mother, sister, or brother.

By doing these exercise's you are challenging your inner critic and you are reassuring yourself that you are a good person that deserves to be healthy, happy, and maintain relationships with others.

Become friendly with your emotions and this means that when you feel emotional or have anxiety, ask yourself questions?

Why am I feeling anxious in this situation?

Is their something I can learn from this?

Can I stay in the moment and let it pass?

Voice Therapy

What is voice therapy and what can it do to help you?

Voice therapy was founded by Robert Firestone, P.H.D and he wrote the book " Conquer Your Inner Critical Voice "and  how understand why the inner critic.

Voice therapy is a powerful technique helps you identify your " core beliefs" which signify how you are feeling deeply. 

Using voice therapy allows you to hear inner critic's dialogue and understand your voice .

If you were raised by a critical parent , caregiver, or verbally abused  negative statements such as" You are not good enough, or you are not smart enough will probably be in the forefront of your mind.

Challenge your inner voice by listening to what you are saying and when the negativity comes in replace it with a positive thought. Practicing this daily will help in gaining insight.

You are able to start connecting the dots." and the A-ha moments will come. " This is why I do this", and like this. It takes patience and understanding but once you star recognizing it will come easier.

Seven Types Of Inner Critics


Inner Child. Spiritual Evolution. Jpg.

Inner Child Work. Missing Puzzle Piece

This critic tries to make you do things perfectly.

It tries to make sure you are not judged or rejected.

Inner Controller:

This critic trues to control everything your eating, drinking, and sexual behavior.

Can be the addict that is afraid to get out of control.


This critic wants you to work hard and be successful.

This critic takes exact hits on your self- worth and your self- esteem , it often punishes by procrastinating.


The Destroyer makes fundamental attacks on your self worth.

It comes from early life and usually involves a trauma.


The critic is stuck in the past . It is concerned about your relationships and the standards you hold to it.


This critic tries to get you in a certain mold based on standards held by society, your culture, or your family.

The inner critic can take many forms as you can see above by identifying your inner critic and becoming "self Aware" you will have the knowledge .


Show compassion to yourself! Love yourself and be gentle with you.

Self compassion can combat negative feelings and learn to love yourself.

Treat yourself kindly allows your mindset to switch into a positive healing mode instead of self pity or destructive mindset. 

Taking small steps a little at a time you can work towards understand your inner voice conflict. 

Writing a journal, notebook, or writing down what you feel can be very beneficial in healing your inner critic. Self criticism is 

Healing The Critical Voice

By healing your critical voice it allows you are giving yourself the biggest gift possible and it's loving who you are. Compassion and loving yourself is a journey that never ends. Approaching this is one of the most beneficial gifts to give yourself

Take your time and be sure to connect with a counselor or life coach that can help you through difficult times. Understanding  a lot of  the pre-programmed messages are from the past. 

Being Proactive in your journey of healing is important because it allows you to stand up up and be strong. You don't have to live a life of doubt, anxiety, and fear. 

Take the time you need to heal the pain and the past of the inner critic's voice. Working with a therapist is recommended. Having someone that is qualifies and can help you sort it out can help tremendously.

In the journey we call life their is hope for all to have a healthy, happy, life and yo deserve that , too.

You deserve to be happy and have the best life for you and your family.  








I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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