Gratitude Changes Perspective and Changes Life

” Gratitude” Lori’s Little Lessons

How Gratitude Changes Your Life  By Lori English

 Gratitude is a French word meaning gratis which means ” Pleasing” or “Thankful”, if you are in a state of feeling grateful you are not always yearning and wanting.

 Completely feeling a sense of appreciation and showing that gratitude can increase your feelings of appreciation, happiness, and satisfaction in life. Finding gratitude in your life can benefit your physical and mental health by allowing you to show appreciation for the moment.

You might be familiar with emotion gratitude when you are feeling  thankful for something that you have and you are appreciating it. It doesn’t have to be a physical item it can be your health

The process of feeling gratitude can give yo a feeling of being satisfied and  you are enough. You can include thank you for all that you have.

Why? Because it contributes to the gratitude you feel and that leads to a ripple affect. A ripple affect will continue and passed on to others, too.


Feeling Grateful

Grateful people are willing to take on more challenges and have less fear to make specific goals. Being able to take chances and believing in yourself can improve self -esteem. 

An article written by  Robert Emmons, professor of psychology, is one of the foremost authorities on gratitude in North America.  He wrote a book called ” Thanks”, which provides a research base of the topic of gratitude. on the website” Greater Good” Robert Emmons one of the leading founders and experts on Gratitude.


According to Emmons, cultivating an attitude of gratitude is tough because we are recipients of unearned acknowledgements.” 

He talks about gratitude as a perspective of appreciating what you have which  can improve your state of happiness. He states ” Gratefulness is not a happy emotion”, People must give up their victim mentality.”  



Why Gratitude Works



Gratitude and feeling  appreciative allows you to feel satisfied what you have, and you are not always yearning all the time. You are still making new goal lists, but you are but now you are in a grateful mode that makes your goals and wants a lot clearer.

Feelings are different for everyone and we all experience them in different ways.  How Can Being Grateful help your mental health? It can help you see that you have something to be grateful and that can make you feel thankful. 

Being thankful and appreciating what you already have is a peaceful way of living, however, its not easy to get there you have to take steps to make your life better. Steps include working on yourself daily, everyone has some kind of faults to become aware of and then make changes.

Admit to yourself and suggest keeping a  gratitude Journal to consistently write your feelings and what you are grateful for. 

An example of a gratitude Journal writing would be :
I am grateful that I have warm blanket to sleep on.
I am grateful for my children.
I am grateful for food on the table.
I am grateful for my Life

 You will have a different perspective that is positive and open to new challenges rather than fear based.If you are always expecting something from someone and not just allowing it to take its course you will be disappointed.

Gratitude and Living

Measuring gratitude through everyday goal attainment and psychological well being is done with keeping a gratitude list, writing down during the day what you are grateful.

If you are busy being grateful in the day their is little time to feel depressed. Developing a grateful attitude is not to replace therapeutic interventions for depression, but to add to and increase better results.

If you want to feel good about what you are doing in your life and sharing that feeling with your family, friends, and colleagues my suggestion is gratitude is a wonderful practice that has been around for many years and in the last decade received more attention because of the research that is being done on health and happiness.

 Grateful Life

Life can be hectic and require a lot Of responsibility so if we can make it a lot better by being grateful and learning how to manage our life stressors this is a winning goal.

Our families and children deserve to have us in the best possible ” Mental State” that we can acquire to help build them into healthy adults. Life is full of challenges and disappointments but we can prepare our youth to conquer their life and praise their strengths.

By allowing our children’s voice to be heard we are letting them find out who they are, however, I recommend that you also encourage them and teach them what is important in this life time to be kind and grateful.






I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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