How Goals Being Specific Changes Results Quickly!

Setting Goal Lori's Little Lessons

Goals That Stick Through The Whole Year By Lori English

You are writing the list again you make every year and try to top it again for with brand new goals.  There are many specific ways to make your goals stick and stay. Writing goals and achieving them are two different aspects and here are some easy, fast ways to achieve your goals.

What Are your Goals?

By writing a goal list you are not only preparing your thoughts and what you are planning to achieve you are brainstorming your ideas. 

How are you Planning to reach your goals for the New Year?

Any plans to make it happen this year ? Are they Personal Goals ? Health Goals? Or Personal Career Goals? 

Recognizing the goals that you want to achieve is more than just thinking there needs to be an action plan. Begin with a sheet of paper and brain storm your ideas for about ten minutes. 

Write Them Down

By writing your goals down on a sheet of paper or journal can benefit by seeing them . Visualize what you want in your head and write it down.

 Keep track of your goals and is a way that you can achieve your goals and can make a significant change in your life. 

Setting your goals involves writing them down and visually looking at them can increase the chances of you sticking with them. 


What are Smart Goals?

Have you heard of smart goals and how they can help you meet your  on a blog, relationships, or career.

  1. Smart Goals - an acronym used to describe a way to clearly communicate your goals written.

         s= Specific- Concise, Clear, and Simple.

          M=Measurable being able to gauge and see how it is working.

          A=Accessible is how to keep goals attainable and that are not too high.

          R=Realistic-How You can really achieve this.

          T=Time-Every goal should have a time attached to it.

Here is a Smart Goal List You Can Download.file:///C:/Users/lori1/OneDrive/Documents/Smart%20Goals%20List%20Lori's%20Little%20Lessons%202017.pdf


Goals That Make You Jump For Joy

Have you ever been so excited about what you do for a living that you literally are happy to get out of bed and start the day?

If you are the type of person that is truly passionate and excited about your future then setting goals can enhance your overall life by prioritizing them. Having a plan makes it easier to reach your goals then thinking about them.

Take Action When Planning!

Goal Setting is a very important way to with the rest of your mindset that includes your take to make your plans a reality.

What good is it if have a goal and do not make the plans to carry it out?

 Having a plan is not enough to reach your goals that's why using smart goals as a compass to guide you through will increase the chances of making your goals a reality.


 Brainstorm first write down as many topics that you are trying to achieve for about ten minutes. Do not worry about the spelling, form, just let it come out and write it down. 

Obstacles in setting goals can range from motivation to procrastination if you are having a difficulty writing a list can help you to prioritize. This is where you look at the paper with the brainstorming and start to connect the ideas you have.

Objectives and Goals

If you have a goal there are ways to overcome the fears that can go along with setting goals. Talk to others in your groups. Connect with others and network and become active it can help you with communication and making your goals a reality.

Goals have to have a objectives because the objective is what you are going to do to reach that goal. The objectives are the action that you are foxing to take to make the goal active.

Goal -I want to lose 10 pounds in three months.

Objective-I will walk three times a week. I will increase water intake to four bottles of water and stay away from sweets.

There are other examples of how using writing a goal objective list can help you visualize your goal and the objective.

Define your dreams carefully by setting a map or list of them. You dreams are there if you search for them. Everyone has visions of what they want sometimes it is harder for some to find. Visualizing your dreams and seethe happen by writing  down and describing steps taken being specific.

Goal Specific

This is the part of setting goals that can make the difference entirely by making them specific.  Knowing the type of goal you want to achieve is great, however, laser focus in on what you want instead of being vague. What Do I mean Laser Focus?

  1. Goals by Pistock photos

    Goals Per Pickstock

I am not saying pick easy goals that don't make you work, however choose goals that you have a good chance in achieving.

Goal Settings and Happiness

The big difference between setting goals and and achieving goals is the steps you take to make the goal a part of your life. Having a plan is the way to accomplish this whether you use the Smart Goal Technique that helps to make your goals visual on a sheet of paper.

Be bold in setting your goals and don't be afraid to think out of the box , if you can dream it can be done. Don't be afraid and let fear hold you back from reaching your goals.

If you are truly passionate about your goals  you will find the way to meet them. It is hard work and will not be handed to you but when you truly love something it is so worth the work. Keep Motivated and Never Give up on your Dreams and Hopes.



















I am a Social Worker who works to help others improve their Anxiety And depression. I work with many people and use many techniques that are combined with practical tips to decrease anxiety and increase self -esteem.

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