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The Path To Authentic Happiness

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Happiness:Finding Your Path To Happiness By Lori English Do you feel as if you are not all that satisfied with life and what is around you? Do you question everything and do not feel worthy in some way? Are you always comparing yourself to others and hoping someday you can feel happiness? True Happiness is found when you are ready to take the steps and ask yourself honest questions.  True Happiness is found when you are ready to take the steps and ask yourself honest questions.  Are you Ready to…read more


How To Build A Healthy Relationships You Are Proud Of.

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 How to Build A Healthy Relationships by Lori English Is your relationship healthy? Are you communicating effectively with your partner?  Does your partner find that you regularly have planned times to be alone and spend time together?   What is a Healthy Relationship? The definition of a healthy relationship is described as two people that have respect, honesty, and have clear communication.  This is one definition of a relationship but there are many ways  you can define your relationship. In this article, the purpose is to increase strategies that are…read more

How Meditation Can Improve Zen!

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Benefits Of Meditaion Can Improve Your Zen by Lori English Your life is important and your health is important to you and your family. If stress is a part of your everyday life, and you think it won’t catch up to you. Think again! There are ways that are documented and practiced by many practitioners, doctors, and  people who want to feel calmer, focused, and their energy is increased. Practicing mediation is an efficient way to decrease stress and increase your Zen!   Meditation and Health A chemical known as…read more


Gratitude Lori English

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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts and Benefit From Gratitude by Lori English Are you frustrated and feeling sad because your life didn’t turn out as you planned?  Well, if this is the case let me explain to you about a way that may help you feel better. Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions that you can feel and learn to benefit from not thinking Negatively. What Is Gratitude? The word Gratitude  means pleasing or appreciating. All derivatives from a Latin root have to do with kindness, generous, gifts, the beauty…read more